The spirit of the place

The association is built in a spirit of solidarity tourism : accommodations on a human scale, respectful of local environments, focusing the authenticity of the welcome as well as the exchanges with the visitor.

History of the association

The Community Tourism Association "Roca Eterna" was created on 1 April 2010 with the aim of creating a dynamic of family tourism that maintains a living culture in this preserved environment.

It consists of 11 members, mostly young (age 16 to 40) , and each of them has at least one chamber (which offer a capacity of 20 beds).

A new gateway to Lake Titicaca

You can enjoy simple and typical habitations of the lake,  meditate in the calm and serenity of the lake and discover cooking and products of the region of Lake Titicaca.
You can go on excursions to discover the surroundings of the peninsula (walks or small boat) or the nearby islands such as Taquile or Amantani (by motor boat tour).